Goodbye New York/ Wu Tang Clan

As you may have guessed by the thin blog coverage, I got through a lot of walking, site-seeing and cultural observations whilst in New York. I also met up with 2 old friends who I worked with in Japan 7 years ago and made some new friends. I saw Lindsay Lohan and Elijah Wood in the street. I went up the Empire State Building and over the Brooklyn Bridge. I ate an authentic Polish lunch in Williamsberg. I attended a presentation by Landscape Architect James Corner of Field Operations. I was mistaken for eurotrash. I accidentally saw the Wu-Tang Clan perform. Now that is an interesting story….

It all began when we arrived to see Spankrock and Ghostface Killah. It was early, so we popped around to a bar in Chelsea which looked classic American country. There was a huge leather vested, shaved headed, cowboy boot-wearing bouncer ready to greet us at the door. “Is this a men only bar?” we asked peering in. “No, no, – it’s mixed,” he replied. (oops- not a gay bar.)

Back to the music- filthy dark breakbeat techno hiphop. But even filthier crowd who were so white preppy they were too inhibited to dance and only squealed in delight when Spankrock arrived on stage. And wet themselves over Wu-Tang clan{s special appearance. But now allow me to concentrate on the positives. 1* Female MC


One Response to Goodbye New York/ Wu Tang Clan

  1. Melanie Chilianis says:

    Little Momma — great attitude and some poppin dance moves with extra dancers on stage. Very nice to look at (cute feisty chick, and two hot guys as her sidekicks) and really enjoyable rhymes in a fast delivery. Don’t forget to tell about the bar when we went back later!

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