Poland, June 4th- 11th 2007

I stayed with Cezar (my second cousin I think), his wife Dorota and 10 year old daughter Nika whose English is great. What a cool chilled out family! Cezar is a really easygoing guy who is currently working as an Art Therapist and a second job in social work.

Nika’s grandparents Mietek and Krystina are kind of like my grandparents too. They fed me until I burst, then fed me again. Chicken/ginger stew on rice, bread with cold meats and pickled cucumber, jellied meat with carrot, strawberries, cake, chocolate, tea, coffee, ice cream then peppermint tea. Krystina is the niece of my Dziadek. (Grandfather) Here is a picture of the family at the Warsaw garden plot acquired 25 years ago:

They took me to this open air stadium – all decrepid and in disrepair- grass growing all over. A fantastic space and earthmound, around which occurs a market.(Around the top) Apparently there is some illegal going-ons there. (narcotics, illegal alcohol and dvds) but I enjoyed myself and purcahsed a bit of jewellery and some 80’s Russian badges.


On a public holiday I was taken to the village where my grandfather grew up. My great grandfather worked at this mill and died there in a catastrophe. I had a beer at the village drinking hole where all the farmers were having a beer break. One oldie remembered my Grandpa from when they were children together!


It was very upsetting to leave Poland. I spent time with these amazing people who I can’t really speak properly with, who are my far away family.


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