Rotterdam 25th May – 4th June 2007

In Rotterdam I stayed with Anna. She has an extraordinarily long cat:

She also has a cat of normal length. When the 2 cats unite, they form a “cat-ball”:

Anna had a BBQ party on her balcony. I fell in love with a greyhound:

In between hugging greyhounds, I spent my time removing cats from the cat tree:

I also went to the city square to see this flower installation by West 8

and spent lots of money at NAI publishers.
Mel came to the Netherlands for the weekend and we went dancing to the Jungle meets Metal/Dutch Breakcore.

It was another relgious musical experience. I have had several of these throughout my life. Refer following.
*Amon Tobin at the Prince of Wales
*The Pixies at Myer music bowl 2007
*An unknown German drum and bass DJ, Berlin, 2000
*The Spank Rock DJs in New York May 2007
*Most Seeling gigs at the Arthouse mid 90s?


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