Lamp Table

Hey this isn’t my design, but it’s the first piece of furniture I’ve made in construction class. Woo-hoo. I think I might put the telephone on top of it.


4 Responses to Lamp Table

  1. Josh says:

    Is your course at RMIT? with Grantham?

    I love that you love to make.
    I have re-discovered that i love to make.

    That is all.

  2. gail, jan and ross says:

    this is beautiful bucky – a fine table for the telephone!

  3. stan and les says:

    Bucky,at last I have got your lamp table on the screen. I have been a long time replying but at last i hope to get the message through to you. In WW1 my father was in france for 4.5 years and during that time he designed and made a tea caddy. It is about 300mmlong, 200mm wide and 200mm high. It has two compartments with lift up lids and a large lid over the top. The whole thing is carved except for the bottom which has some army material stuck on. It is tapered and the carving is the first that he had ever attempted.I think think that you will be impressed with it and i look forward to showing it to you
    It has secret dovetails. I also enjoyed looking at the photos of your work.

    Love and peace Stan and Les

  4. Emma says:

    Lovely, the table is great – well done. I can’t wait to see your own designs.

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