It’s been a while.

Hello Reader. You should be pleased to know that I have put my “Monet Party Pink ” tulip bulbs into the ground. They should appear in August. I was very happy with this tulip last year, as it matched my favourite coat. However, the freak warm winds of August bought a premature end to the crop’s flowering time. (2008 Tulips shown below.)

The black bird has been wreaking havoc in the garden. It enjoys pecking in edge dirt and spitting the dirt and mulch onto the path. Sometimes I run outside and hiss at it when I catch it in action. I put unsightly plastic cages over my spinach seedlings to protect them. Now the garden looks like a $2 shop.

TULIP DSCN6628 $2 Garden

Now I couldn’t really call this a blog without some pictures of myself. So have a look below. About 2 months ago I got my hair dyed red.

The second picture was sent to me from a friend who was perusing the gallery at Fed Square. It’s such an uncanny resemblence. I cannot recall getting decked out in a chinois pyjama set (and sitting for a portrait), but I’m sure it was a great party.

May09 Red HairGallery Girl

Thanks to Ben for PJ picture.


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