A couple of friends were around last night and we started discussing likes and dislikes in regards to diaries.  (“day-to-a-page” versus “week- to-a-double page” and so on.)  There was a general consensus on the importance of the diary “ribbon”, which enables the user to immediately open their diary in the correct position. JJ*’s ribbon was frayed, thusly diminishing his immediate enjoyment of correct time placement. “I need a bauble or dangly item to attach to the end of my ribbon to prevent it from further deterioration,” he lamented.

It was here that the concept of “beading” was conceived. Colourful plastic beads are knotted in to the diary ribbon. Taken a step further, a new ribbon is introduced- preferably made from remnants of mother’s 80’s stringy t-shirt. Fun was had by all involved and further diary decoration techniques were explored in an intoxicating “craft-off.”

I have to ask myself though- are we slowly approaching the dangerous territory of scrapbooking? If so, I daresay readers of SNIPPETS will be waiting in anticipation for the next related blog entry.

*real name removed for privacy reasons

Bead 2Bead overallBig Bead


2 Responses to Beading.

  1. Mel says:

    I am a lucky recipient of the bead-off and I can say it has rejuvenated my relationship with my diary. I already find I am using it more than ever, and with a pride I never-before had. Bead me, bead my friends..

  2. Melanie Chilianis says:

    Here is a scintillating extension activity for those already skilled in the art. Felted pet hair beads, on Instructibles…

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