Response from McD****ds on disappointing quality

Quality Visit Comment: I have just tried a “Grand Angus” product. I considered it to be as tasty as any McD****ds hamburger can be,
however I have a few concerns and queries. Firstly, the “Grand Angus” is advertised on the McD****ds website as containing “gourmet baby salad leaves.” Images on the website and top of product packaging show it to include such green delights as rocket, baby spinach leaves and green oak lettuce. The image on the side of the product packaging shows the ingredients to include baby spinach leaves. You can imagine my disappointment to find that my “Grand Angus” had only a serving of wilted brown iceberg lettuce enclosed. I consider this false advertising. Do you, dear McD****ds?

The product should be served with Premium Salad – which consists of Iceberg Lettuce, Mixed Green Baby Leaves (Rocket, Tatsoi, Green Coral, Green Multileaf);. If you only received iceberg lettuce, we do apologise but the this would be a store based issue and can be raised at store level.

Secondly, I was wondering exactly what is being verified by the the Certified Australian Angus Beef Pty Ltd? Is it verifying that the meat comes from a registered Angus cow? Could you please also verify which part of the cow the McD****ds “Grand Angus” is made from?

CAAB is an independent board that certifies that any claim made for Angus beef is genuine. We use the hind and forequarter for production of our patties.

We hope this helps with your inquiry.

McD****d’s Customer Service
Quality Assurance


3 Responses to Response from McD****ds on disappointing quality

  1. martine says:

    shouldn’t they have asked which store you purchased the product and followed it up themselves??
    not much CONTROLLING of quality going on there…

  2. Easy Tiger says:

    It’s called ‘corporate complaints handballing’, As in “I didn’t put the lettuce in, call the boss of the person that did”. Sh!t flows downhill, ya know?

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