Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

This is on until April 2010 in Brisbane. I highly recommend visiting. There was so much to take in, we visited the gallery over two different days. My pictures don’t really convey the scale of the exhibition. Nor do they represent the large amount of work with social commentary on important issues in the Asia Pacific region. One piece which moved me (almost to tears) was a set of three traditional timber Chinese houses which had been relocated to the gallery. The inhabitants were forced to move out- making way for the Three Gorges Dam. The gallery visitor could look in to the houses, complete with furniture and cooking utensils.
Here is the official Website for the APT09.

Below is a stringscape installation. It was like swimming through seaweed.

Custom furniture for children’s space and art photo booth.

Pattern making interactive artwork which can view online later: here is one of my designs.

A big glittery Maori culture-inspired 60’s dress fabric. Mmmmm:

Mutant guitars and child’s mutant artwork:


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