I was heading to the sewerage and drainage easement to assess the condition of a gravel path. On the way, I spied a mobile dog-grooming trailer parked on the nature-strip. A light brown and cream dog with medium length fur waited patiently beside it. The trailer reminded me of an icy-cone seller: the type with crushed ice and flavour dispensers. However, the dog-trailer dispensers were for shampoo and conditioner- not sugar syrup.

I completed my assessment and drove back the same way. Before the trailer stood the freshly-clipped dog. After the trailer was a trail of fur clippings blowing quickly down the street. In the middle of the clippings was a woman with a box- collecting as much fur as she could.

Dog smiling at 15:57, pre clipping.


One Response to Clippings.

  1. annalee says:

    a pomeranian! good luck to the fur collector…

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