Two Cars.

On the top is an R or S series Valiant with the venetian blinds in the back. I always wanted one of those, but have never even ridden in one. On the bottom is the Econovan. Mitsubishi I think. I got to ride in the L2000 a lot in the 80’s because it was our family car. It was a similar model, but more of a people-mover, rather than a work-horse. I would place my plaits over the back middle seat and my brother would close them into the ashtray- securing me in place against my will.


4 Responses to Two Cars.

  1. Jono says:

    Is that the valiant with pushmatic – the buttons on the dash to change gears? Beats a t-bar or 3 on the tree any day.

    • snoutling says:

      I’ve never been inside, so I’m not sure about the gear change. Hearing about the buttons make me want it even more!

  2. Mel says:

    A beautifully framed photo, with the Valiant through the front wind shield and the tram tracks in the rear view mirror. I like the van/’Fork Truck’. We had a Nissan Urvan in the 80s, which was also a people mover and moved our family to camping locations. I remember the ashtrays in the back of the seats in such vans and how they snapped shut. No fun for the owner of plaits. How did you get your revenge?

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