Review: Severed Heads at the Forum, Melbourne. 14th May, 2011.

“Who will tell my drunken friend that she will die and go to hell?” is a catchy lyric of the inspiring and long-serving Australian electronic band Severed Heads. Pioneering the use of video graphics in filmclips and during live performance (hello VJs),  I got reacquainted with the band after being given the CD collection of a good friend from the 1990’s. I was wondering what had become of Severed Heads in April this year when I noticed that they would be supporting Gary Numan for his latest Australian tour. Supporting?! I found it a real shame that they didn’t perform their own show, but having said that, the Forum was a good venue to get up close and have a good look at these Australian legends. I imagine a bit more dancing might have occurred if the audience was crammed into a small warehouse. (Are there are any left in Melbourne?)

Placed between the two band members was a central screen filled with engaging 3D graphics: cat’s head turning into flowers, skeletons, pilots from hell, humans with cars attached to their heads, a pinball machine and a naked man-machine walking in a pool of blood. As for the sounds, I do swoon upon hearing the elocutionary voice of Tom Ellard. This was beautifully coupled with choice synth sounds and driving beats. I was so pleased to have seen and heard Severed Heads play. I will admit that a slice of nostalgia did contribute to my enjoyment, but I wouldn’t have missed it.

p.s This has not much to do with anything – I think it’s called “painting a picture” in writing terms – but there were a lot of 40-something males at this gig who decided to take their leather jackets out of the wardrobe and give them a good outing/airing. Needless to say I was in close contact with a few stale smells. I think the leather was for Gary Numan, not Severed Heads. That is all.



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