Snippets Giveaway

An opened tin of Akta-Vite is available to the first subscribed respondent. (Victorian residents only please- then I can drop it over in the car.) This tin was purchased because of the retro packaging and a strong wish to wean off Nestlé products. Unfortunately, upon tasting, I realised that it does not really compare with Milo as a pre-slumber drink and the granules remind me of mouse droppings.


5 Responses to Snippets Giveaway

  1. Brittany says:

    I grew up on that stuff. I remember it being quite nice (but that was probably before I tasted Milo). I was also fed carob instead of chocolate.

  2. Marty says:

    My granny used to keep this. She will be 102 in September. You should stick with it. Alternatively, bring it over on Saturday!

  3. nano says:

    Chocolate vegemite – the smooth granules were intriguing in the tin – but couldn’t hold up to the Milo crunchy top in the final drink. Carob (Britany) on the other hand had no saving graces –

  4. nano says:

    I just had a close up look at your open tin of Actavite – it’s not how I remember it at all….maybe I’m thinking of chocolate sprinkles.

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