Don’t ever sleep

Unless you are tired of course, or need to prepare yourself for driving automobiles or heavy machinery. The last time I tried not to sleep for a prolonged period of time, I ended up playing a computer game which involved gardening and selling fresh produce at market. A large proportion of my favourite computer games revolve around selling things for a profit (eg. strawberries, ludes, bannerfish). This is incongruous with my various careers, which have never been in retail.

This insomniac equus* is a close relative of the Arthouse unicorn. I daresay it was drawn by the same talented hand.

* Latin for horse


3 Responses to Don’t ever sleep

  1. Melanie Chilianis says:

    Definitely in my top 5 blog posts of the year.

  2. Melanie Chilianis says:

    ..and perhaps evokes the heart-melting rave anthem “stay up forever”

  3. nano says:

    I would like this talented person to write my insomniac child a bed time story – it could involve battery operated musical press buttons which played favourite ‘rev me up’ songs and maybe some selling games as well –

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