I implore change in the Myki ticketing system…

My feedback (complaint) to Public Transport Victoria about Myki.

I think that the Myki system needs to be improved:

1. Myki cards should be returnable/refundable/re-useable, so people who don’t live in Melbourne can get their $6 back and the card can be re-used. I overheard a mother in Carlton today deciding to take a taxi to the city, because she and her family didn’t have Myki, and weren’t staying in Melbourne for a prolonged period. For a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) the trip would have cost $18 for just the Myki cards and then probably a further $12 on top of that for travel. Why would a family choose to get public transport when the cost is more expensive than a taxi? This ticketing system does not currently support reduction of car travel. It is also alienating to tourists.

2. I have 2 Myki cards. Both of which I left at home one day because I cycled to work. I got a flat tyre on the ride home, so I jumped on a tram willing to buy a ticket. I couldn’t buy a ticket. Why isn’t there a short-term ticket available to travellers who don’t need to buy another Myki? Why aren’t tickets available on trams? How can public transport users be expected to be prepared at all times and plan all of their trips? Where do I buy a Myki when I am at the end of the 57 tram line after 10pm? How far does the PTV realistically expect someone to walk, by themselves, to buy a Myki at night? How far does the PTV realistically expect the elderly, the sick, the disabled and the pregnant members of our community to walk (if they can) to buy a Myki?


One Response to I implore change in the Myki ticketing system…

  1. arghmylife says:

    You are absolutely right. I have recently moved to Melbourne from Perth; which has a similar system to Myki, but has retained the paper-ticket system for those odd spots you get caught in. Perth’s smartrider system is free, so travellers wishing to use the system don’t have to shell out for a new card, and the incentive for locals is that you save 10% of the fare. Smartriders are also registered, which I am personally in two minds about – on the one hand I should be able to choose what information I give the transit system, but on the other hand your balance is protected, and if it’s lost or stolen you can easily be sent another one without losing your money.
    If it sounds like I’m spruiking the Perth public transport system – trust me, it definitely still has its issues – but compared to Myki it certainly is a little more flexible and intuitive.

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