Productive versus Unproductive Procrastination

I have not written a blog entry for over three months because I have been studying. Last weekend I spent an excruciating two days in front of the computer trying to write an essay. The hardest part was sitting down and writing. The easiest part was finding other things to do. Here is a suggested list of the different ways you can use your time when trying to complete assignments. It is represented as a dichotomy – black and white, good and bad – exactly the type of thinking I have been encouraged to move away from at university.

Going to yoga.

Going out for coffee.

Writing a letter to my relatives, in Polish.

Looking at close-ups of Nicole Kidman’s hair at the Great Gatsby Premiere because it looks kind of techno-feral. 

Doing two loads of washing.

Watching an clever cat open five doors to get outside. I’m pretty sure this cat is Eastern European, they are much smarter over there.

Catching up on Danny Katz’s columns online and finding out that he also thinks men’s fashion is in an extremely bad place.

Listening to a beluga whale supposedly imitating human conversation.

Writing a blog post.


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