2013 – the year that was.

I no doubt experienced a plethora of life’s highs and lows in 2013, most of which have been overlooked in favour of reporting on bargains. Yes, bargains. Coming from a pedigree of bargain-hunters, I find it most enjoyable to share my experiences with others. (After I have called and discussed it at great length with my mother first, of course.)



This 5kg bucket of Australian-made, phosphate-free, strongly-perfumed laundry powder was snapped up from a local asian supermarket for $5. Or less. I can’t even recall the exact price, my memory is overshadowed by the pleasure of scooping the baby blue powder into the washing machine receptacle whilst sneezing. We have never smelled cleaner and this now familiar fragrance will certainly stay with us for for the next year, or two.

Mangoes and avocados

Mango & Avo

One Thursday evening in December, I found myself at the local (big-name) supermarket just on 6pm. I normally wouldn’t get there this early and was surprised to see a fruit and vegetable trolley wheeled out near the entrance. An employee was calling out “Fill a bag for $3.” Remembering my experiences from Forges in the 80s, I squeezed my way into prime position and eyed the produce – which included some slightly bruised (but mostly just ripe) tomatoes, mangoes and avocados. I came away with 9 mangoes and 3 avocados for $3. I was very pleased with myself and called my mother to report back. After praising me she casually asked “Why didn’t you get another bag?”


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