Words that bother me

It was not my intention to start the year with a sad-sack blog post, but I have a bee in my bonnet about something that a radio show host said. He was talking about a big Melbourne music festival…
“There’s going to be a bunch of great bands at the festival,” he said.

I didn’t enjoy the way in which this array of bands was described as a bunch. It’s a bit forced-casual, a bit hip and perhaps a bit grammatically incorrect.*

To me the word bunch implies a group of items which are joined together by a natural fibre, such as a vine or branch. For example:
“Please pass me that bunch of juicy grapes,” or
“A bunch of bananas is too much for my current dietary requirements, I will break one off and purchase it as a single entity.”

In closing, I have suggested some alternative phrases for the radio host:
“In my opinion, there will be a plethora of great bands at the festival,” or
“There will be a veritable treasure trove of musical talent at the festival.”



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