Nancy’s Workspace

I just sent you my image of my desk in my classroom. I sit here and wonder why I can’t work productively. I was given a book called “How To Simplify Your Life” and it gave me some good strategies to organise this space, but as yet, no success. One thing that I did learn from the book – I eliminated my desk at home, so now I only have one chaos zone in my life.

It really is just a storage space because I work in other parts of the room most of the time, like crawling and sitting on the floor. It’s full of surprises. It’s embarrassing looking for things in front of colleagues here because they are always somewhere I don’t expect but my students have mastered how to navigate this space. Chaos reigns.


One Response to Nancy’s Workspace

  1. Candice Boyd says:

    Looking forward to seeing this project unfold over the next 15 days! Loving the idea of leaving the chaos at work, too

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