Alex’s Workspace

Alex's workspace

What I like most about this space is the light, and the frosted window above and the way you can see shadows of plants through the glass.  I am pretty pedantic about where I work, and always tidy up at the end of the day…..The little drawers are full of pens…..all with their own space, coloured pencils have their own drawer, as do felt tipped markers, paint brushers, coloured markers, crayons etc….and if someone mixes them up, or they get out of order I get quite cranky.  I always have things around that inspire me ….like the bird on the wall, a picture of a mountain view or forest, and something I’m working on at the time.  The A and 1 metal stencils sitting in front of the glass are from my Dad’s old shearing shed and were used to stencil the property’s brand on each bale of sheep’s wool.  I like them because it reminds me of where I grew up.


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