Martyn’s Workspace


This is practically my second home, I try to keep it clean, so I don’t get too overwhelmed. I tend to organise (or procrastinate) before each new job or task. I am messy and disorganised by nature, and have a genetic predisposition to hoarding, so try to stay on top of that. Keeping digital information is so much easier than paper, thank goodness. I like to rest my eyes with the distant views, always something happening outside this window. I have 80 or 90 potted plants to keep me company (mostly outside), so I water them when I need a break, and remind myself I too need water.  I don’t believe you can have enough coloured pens, and well-stocked stationery generally. I’m fussy about screen quality because I look at it all day, and I change my keyboard and mouse pretty much every year because they wear out. I could actually work anywhere including home because clients never see this place, I visit them. I chose here to feel like I am professionally employed. It’s all just a front.


2 Responses to Martyn’s Workspace

  1. Ben Woudstra says:

    I’m also fussy about screen quality. I recently spent about $700 on a new screen. Well worth it – it is so much easier on the the eye. Ben.

  2. Melanie says:

    I am loving this fantastic project. It’s pretty much a privilege to see into other people’s work spaces / point of contemplation /place of art-making. We all spend so much time at these stations and mostly in isolation (although that’s not everyone.) so it is great to have an opportunity to reflect on them in a communal way.

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