Melania’s Workspace


I share a long plank in this space with a certain B someone but I work alone in here on most days. I suppose I could say I think here, chase idea-kernals, connect and knot them in — it seems audacious to say it, but in ‘new’ ways, wrestle with dead ends, then read, re-read, listen, approach again, feel. Write, stumbling. Write, speedy and fluid. Listening, a confluence of several sonic streams, then distortion, interrupt. Open up the cycle again. And in between ride waves of manic sound making.
Here I have gotten so excited because I’ve seen potential commonalities in two diverse theoretical approaches; I’ve felt frustration when I’ve rewritten a chapter five times. I have patted myself on the shoulder when a hunch I had three years ago has kind of turn out to be the case, in a variegated form. I’ve cried and felt like giving up.
I try to keep my half of the ‘plank desk’ in some kind of order at night but let the papers, exercise books, books spread out during the day over the floor if I need to. Like a big brainstorm. Because I would love to be making more music, just freely experimenting or working on my minimal techno craft! But this last part of the PhD involves organising and structuring the words, argument and existing sounds and I still have a fair amount of writing to go.


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