Candice’s Workspace


I’ve taken a photo of my workspace at night  from the ground up as it is a standing work space.  A couple of years ago a friend of mine told me about standing work stations.  We have both worked as academics for many years and sitting for long periods is painful and unhealthy.  I started by converting my desk at work to standing.  I’m also doing another PhD at the moment so I decided more recently to convert my home desk to standing.  What I like about it is that I can think and move at the same time.  I can stand on one foot and then the other.  If I need to take a brief break to think about something then I can walk in a circle or walk to the kitchen and make a cup of tea.  My screen saver is a collection of anime art.  This reminds me, if I wait long enough, that I still have a childish love of colour and action.  There is a painting to the left of the work station and a drawing to the right.  The painting is an Jungian archetype of self to remind me that writing is a path I chose for myself.  The drawing to the right is an critical ‘eye’ which helps me to stay focussed on my work.  I like that the light above shines onto the keyboard as this is where words come from.  If I were to change anything about this work space I would add in a daily massage as still my neck hurts when I write!


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