Julia’s Workspace

juliaL workspace

My work area is really what comes to my mind when I think of my home. It is located in a corner of our flat in central London. It is in the larger of our two rooms, which also serves as kitchen, living and dining room.

February 2014 – We are currently in the process of moving out of this flat. We’ll move most of our possessions to a flat in Brussels, Belgium and then some of my things to a shared flat in a London suburb. Nearly all of our stuff has already been packed and high stacks of cardboard boxes stand in the flat.

2013 – The image below shows my work area in a more functional state at some point last year. It has many beloved little objects standing about and a large number of folders, files and boxes crammed into it. There isn’t that much space but it works astonishingly well and I love sitting there.

My work area will be the last thing to be fully dismantled before our move. Work areas of some sort will also be the first thing I am going to set up once we have moved. In their minimal form they consist of a  surface for my laptop and a medium size box which contains easy-to-loose stuff such as pens, bills, calculator, usb sticks, etc. I then use these  areas as a base from where to settle the new space. In this way, work areas make me feel at home somewhere very quickly.


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