Deb’s Workspace


I’m very proud of this newish work space of mine.  Set it up last year. Went up for clever use of space. My printer is big and bulky but works perfectly well  (so I didn’t want to replace it) and I don’t use it much so putting it up here works for me. I only had about 1.4m width to use in my bedroom so this corner desk with height extension suited my needs well.  Felt ambivalent about the fake daisies, but they give me so much joy and bring a sense of calm to an otherwise busy place so I’m glad I got them. I like that I have plenty of room to write (with a book and pen) and read as well as good computer access.  And computer doesn’t dominate.  It is a good mixed-use zone. Spent many hours here planning our recent big adventure in China, Russia and Finland so it feels ‘broken in’ now and works well for me.  Sleeping dog at feet is optional extra but this is where he usually is if I am at my desk.  Adds to my enjoyment of this important and treasured little corner of my house. Just for me. Designed by me and constructed and maintained by me. Happy.


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