Santi’s Workspace


This is my current working space in my parents’ flat in Brussels. I came to live here in September 2013, just before my parents retired and moved back to Spain. So at the moment I am working on music at this desk in the living room.

It’s full of my things, comics I have brought from London, my soundcard and microphones, a tuner and a capo. Behind you can see my parents’ shelf full of Borges books and china from flea markets. It’s not a bad place to work, but it looks fairly cramped when I look at the picture. This is partly because it’s still full of the family’s furniture and items, but also because I have always worked in tiny spaces, bedrooms, etc, whatever space was left and this feels normal.

I am not particularly fussed about where to work and can usually manage to concentrate on what I’m doing wherever I am, but, eventually I will have to think a bit more about how and where I would like to work rather than just reproducing these really small spaces I have always worked in. There are more options in Brussels than in London, though, so I think I’ll have to get used to nicer spaces.


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