Animal of the Week

These entries are dedicated to showcasing the unusual (and often unknown) animals of this earth.

chequered elephant shrew


4 Responses to Animal of the Week

  1. Melanie Chilianis says:

    A nose that is longer than its forelegs and a coat of silken, deer-like beauty.

  2. Jared Dubberlin says:

    Such a beautiful shrew, how lovely to think that all mammals are descendants of this vestigial beauty.

  3. Jared Dubberlin says:

    Might I make a suggestion for the next animal of the month?

  4. Bilbo Bagginzes says:

    Perhaps a numbat would explore curiosity as well. The creature is also known as an “Australian squirrel” and it’s species is dwindling. They are also marsupials, and have odd ways of holding their young. Nonetheless they have amazingly beautiful pelts, matched with a squirrel-like tail.
    I am good at finding old things and bringin’ em back.

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