Deb’s Workspace

March 6, 2014


I’m very proud of this newish work space of mine.  Set it up last year. Went up for clever use of space. My printer is big and bulky but works perfectly well  (so I didn’t want to replace it) and I don’t use it much so putting it up here works for me. I only had about 1.4m width to use in my bedroom so this corner desk with height extension suited my needs well.  Felt ambivalent about the fake daisies, but they give me so much joy and bring a sense of calm to an otherwise busy place so I’m glad I got them. I like that I have plenty of room to write (with a book and pen) and read as well as good computer access.  And computer doesn’t dominate.  It is a good mixed-use zone. Spent many hours here planning our recent big adventure in China, Russia and Finland so it feels ‘broken in’ now and works well for me.  Sleeping dog at feet is optional extra but this is where he usually is if I am at my desk.  Adds to my enjoyment of this important and treasured little corner of my house. Just for me. Designed by me and constructed and maintained by me. Happy.


Spiro’s Workspace

March 5, 2014


My actual bench workspace has been reduced from 240cm length x 57cm width to a tiny 45 cm length x 30 cm width! This is due to acquiring a puppy and all his paraphernalia, Gail’s bits, grandchildren’s outdoor toys, gardening stuff, my tools and assorted items. On top of all this  I’m trying to find spaces to store things belonging to my mother in law after moving her from her home!
This photo opportunity has actually inspired me to begin a big clean out, a load to the tip and reorganising my garage… The only problem is.. Murphy’s Law says what you throw out today, you will need tomorrow!

Mark K’s Workspace

March 4, 2014

Mark K 1

Home work space, north facing, fantastic light, great for drawing, always a breeze off the water, sometimes you can hear the waves at low tide, very calm and inspiring!


Mark K 2

Work layout space, not long enough, note round table for additional overspill.  Good light even though it’s south facing, complexity of the view sometimes has a mediative quality. I like the birds eye view of the surrounding city, bay on horizon.

Ana’s Workspace

March 3, 2014

I live in Berlin and work as a projectionist in a cinema.
This is my workspace: at home  –  and in the cinema.



Nina’s Workspace

March 2, 2014


This is my desktop in my office at the university. At that time we were six PhD-students sharing an office which was nice but as it was quite crowded it could be noisy sometimes and hard to concentrate. I like my space as it is a bit hidden behind a column which is cosy and it has access to the window. I need my books, notes and papers around me and also my plants and tea; you can see my experimental data on the wall and the screen (I am a physicist); the map of Germany on the wall was already there when I came.

Julia’s Workspace

March 1, 2014

juliaL workspace

My work area is really what comes to my mind when I think of my home. It is located in a corner of our flat in central London. It is in the larger of our two rooms, which also serves as kitchen, living and dining room.

February 2014 – We are currently in the process of moving out of this flat. We’ll move most of our possessions to a flat in Brussels, Belgium and then some of my things to a shared flat in a London suburb. Nearly all of our stuff has already been packed and high stacks of cardboard boxes stand in the flat.

2013 – The image below shows my work area in a more functional state at some point last year. It has many beloved little objects standing about and a large number of folders, files and boxes crammed into it. There isn’t that much space but it works astonishingly well and I love sitting there.

My work area will be the last thing to be fully dismantled before our move. Work areas of some sort will also be the first thing I am going to set up once we have moved. In their minimal form they consist of a  surface for my laptop and a medium size box which contains easy-to-loose stuff such as pens, bills, calculator, usb sticks, etc. I then use these  areas as a base from where to settle the new space. In this way, work areas make me feel at home somewhere very quickly.

Britt’s Workspace

February 28, 2014


I had to set the computer up in the kid’s playroom while we are renovating our house. You can only sit on a miniature chair for so long!