Pickled Gherkin Review

Cracovia Kartuskie Dill Pickle. Country of origin: Poland. Source: Polish Deli, Sunshine, Victoria.
Ingredients include: red peppers, carrot, bay leaf, white mustard seeds, dried dill, peppercorns, vinegar, water, sugar, salt. This brand is my new favourite. They are quite sweet and do not leave an unpleasant vinegary aftertaste. Quite mild.

Tania Pickled Dill Cucumbers. Country of origin: Poland. Source: Polish Deli, Sunshine, Victoria.
I have tried this a couple of years ago, but need to taste again before I review. I remember they were pretty good.

Nova. Country of origin: Chech Republic. A good staple gherkin no longer stocked in the common supermarkets. Crunchy. evenly sized gherkins (small to medium). A perfect mix of sweet and sour. Some respondents to this post have informed me that Nova gherkins are available at Franklins supermarkets in Victoria.


Kuhne with mustard seeds. Country of origin: Germany. Source: Vic Market Stall

Orzel. A bit bland and not enough sugar. Country of origin: Poland. Source: Vic Market Stall


15 Responses to Pickled Gherkin Review

  1. john williamson says:

    where can we buy nova gherkins in sydney nsw?

  2. Mel says:

    you will need to add the weird gherkins in brine i picked up, also a polish Orzel brand…

  3. Heike says:

    Controversially according to a good friend of yours, many of these products are now made in India. I checked all the gherkins available on the main supermarket shelves to confirm, and tis true; even Polski ogurki are ‘made in India’.
    We shall have to branch out to specialised deli’s or get our relatives to sent black-market supplied from the streets of Warszawa.

  4. Josie Dujmovic says:

    Forget the packaged gherkins! I tasted the perfect home pickled gherkin in Romania. A friend returned from his mother’s village near Sibiu, Romania with the typical supply of home made produce. The gherkins were not too big and not too small, and perfectly squeezed into the jar. Romanian’s like to put all sorts of herbs and garlic into the jar, so the taste was awesome. Perfect – even balance of vinegar and sugar, crunchy, and no sharp after taste. Yummy. Unfortunately I have not mastered the art of the perfect gherkin, but I am only learning.

  5. Josie Dujmovic says:

    I think you should try Podravka brand, its Croatian or Slovenian.

  6. Rick Rakow says:

    I,v been eating nova gherkins since childhood and now my grandchildren are enjoying them.The only place you can find them now is franklins.

    • snoutling says:

      Thanks for the information Rick. I haven’t seen Nova gherkins for a while now, but I have had some other great other brands from a deli in Sunshine. (Melbourne, Victoria) I will keep my eye out for a Franklins.

  7. kadry says:

    Very intreresting post. It was very useful. I was searching exaxtly for this. Thank you for your effort. I hope you will write more such useful posts.

  8. rick rakow says:

    have been growing my own gherkins and trying to match the end result with nova with mixed success. I’ll keep trying

    • snoutling says:

      I’m glad to hear you are making your own. Do you have any tips for others interested in pickling their own cucumbers?

  9. rick rakow says:

    not until I get better at it

    • gert brilsky says:

      Was at warilla grove shopping centre recently & bought 10 jars of Nova’s from the fruit shop there, boy are they hard to find.

  10. Rick Rakow says:

    the fruit shop at the intersection of Princes Hwy and Bates Drive has them as well by the way Franklin has been taken over by IGA and they no longer stock them

  11. Rob says:

    Can someone tell me where I can buy Kuhne dill pickles in Sydney?

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