Jenny Comes Home.

October 15, 2010

After serious concerns for her safety, Jenny was removed from her current University residence in a top-secret rescue mission today. Threats to her life had been reported, with comments such as “She’s so disgusting I can’t look at her” and “I’m going to throw her away” prompting the rescue.

The boxed-up, dry and cracking dog-like creature was whisked out of campus under the cover of heavy rain and an umbrella. A space was cleared on the mantelpiece of her new home, which she is happily sharing with indigenous Australian art and photos of Great Grandma.


Squashed rat and freshly dead pigeon.

August 4, 2007


The theme of dead vermin links these two travel photos.

The rat was rather camouflaged in the paving of an outdoor market area in Rotterdam. The still pigeon was discovered near a subway entry in Barcelona.