The plot thickens – woman riding goat is actually a man

December 1, 2012

The Snippets European Cultural & Historical Correspondent, Julia, has responded to the last post with some fascinating information about the goat-rider: “This is a traditional 17th century topos. It’s not a woman. This is (a copy of ) a famous Meissen Porcelain figurine called “Schneider auf Ziegenbock” (Taylor on goat). It’s a rococo figure.  As you can see the goat is carrying the iron! They are still producing it in the Porzellan Manufaktur in Meissen near Dresden, Germany (unfortunately not so cheap.)”
I did notice that the poor goat was carrying the iron. Thanks Julia- here I was thinking it was just a weird Australian trinket that someone thought was appropriate to display in the foyer of a city hotel.


Move quickly on new ideas…

January 28, 2012

It seems someone has already realised my android app idea:

Related snippet from the archive.

Celebrity Meat Dress.

January 1, 2011

Holiday time means I can get lost in the internet for a while and follow whichever celebrity links I like.

Starting off with an analysis of Lady Gaga’s meat dress by some New York butchers. She no doubt took inspiration from the Hats of Meat website, which always guarantees a good laugh upon browsing.

Moving along, I was delighted to see Kanye West has really pushed the theme of ancient Egypt in his recent fashion choices. He has been captured wearing a gigantic gold chain pendent of the God Horus. Link to image. I think even Flavor Flav would be impressed with that. Whilst on the topic of Flavor Flav, it’s hard not to a post a link to this picture, because it’s just so outrageous.

If you reside in Melbourne, you can enjoy Ancient Egyptian fever yourself when Tutankhamun comes to town in April, 2011. In the spirit of Kanye, I will be preparing a suitably large gold necklace for the event. Perhaps in the form of Sekhmet or Tawaret. On the subject of exhibitions, I think the Ballet Russes at the NGA is one to try and attend. Early 20th Century Russian & French designed costume.

In closing this snippet, I will mention that my celebrity internet research began at the Flavorwire website. I visit it from time to time and find it a good resource for choosing books to read. Happy New Year.

The Ultimate Gift.

November 17, 2010

Japanese diary stationery

I cannot begin to describe the joy and excitement I have experienced since receiving this special gift. It is a “Mark’s” brand “Silicon Diary” from Japan. It has a week to a page with a facing page for notes. There are two ribbons- important for not only keeping tabs on where you up to in the week, but also in the month. (Briefly highlighted in an earlier post entitled “Beading.“) The diary has a colourful, interactive design reminiscent of lego. The yellow and red tabs can be moved around as decoration or used as a securing device to keep the diary closed.

I will now spend the evening penning-in my upcoming appointments with a “Powertank 0.7” Mitsubishi pressurised ball-point pen recently purchased from Kinokuniya, Sydney. (Link to shop.) Many, many thanks to Lucy. It seems I will have absolutely no need to post ideas for Christmas presents as was necessary last year.

Japanese hose garden.

November 17, 2010

This Snippets contribution is from Lucy C. who recently returned from a trip to Japan. She noticed that the Japanese have a special gift for arranging even the most commonplace objects into neat zen-like compositions.