August 4, 2011

From: Snoutling
To: Dr. B. S. Spam
Sent: Sun, 10 July, 2011 10:47:07 PM
Subject: Pigs

Dear Mr. Spam,
Whilst browsing the internet I came across some very important information about pigs: http://bit.ly/oy8hrY

I thought this may be of interest to you.

I followed a few links and viewed many different breeds of swine. I also started researching the requirements of owning a mini pig as a pet. Apparently pigs are very intelligent and can be trained to sit and twirl around. They like to forage and dig for food with their snouts.

I hope that this email expands your knowledge in a topic which is dear to my heart and that we can discuss pigs in person sometime soon.
Kind regards,

From: Dr. B. S. Spam
To: Snoutling
Sent: Tues, 12 July, 2011 7:30:55 PM
Subject: Pigs

Deerest Snoutling,

Thank you for your recent electronic correspondence. it was of grate interest to me!!!
a twirling pig?!? amazing!!!
My knowledge of this topic has doubled, as I now know that a group of pigs can be called  A DRIFT, A TEAM or A HERD, and that a group of wild pigs can be called A SOUNDER or A PASSEL. Also, a litter of piglets can be called A FARROW.
If a pig and a horse were to mate, their offspring would be called A PORSE or A HIG.
Perhaps we can eat a salty smokey sounder soon!!!

Kindest regards from Dr. Bazzatronling Schiermonnikoog Spam.


New Year’s Crossword Puzzle

January 26, 2011

Inspired by The Age newspaper’s giant summer crossword, (feminine equivalent of “him” – 3 letters) we used a free website to create one of our own. The free programme did not lay out the words in the most logical fashion, but it was quick. The theme was pigs. Download: Crossword Puzzle Game 01. We received one set of answers via email – the puzzlers did a fantastic job. This emailed response was only slightly different from (and perhaps more creative than) our intended solution.