The Ultimate Gift.

November 17, 2010

Japanese diary stationery

I cannot begin to describe the joy and excitement I have experienced since receiving this special gift. It is a “Mark’s” brand “Silicon Diary” from Japan. It has a week to a page with a facing page for notes. There are two ribbons- important for not only keeping tabs on where you up to in the week, but also in the month. (Briefly highlighted in an earlier post entitled “Beading.“) The diary has a colourful, interactive design reminiscent of lego. The yellow and red tabs can be moved around as decoration or used as a securing device to keep the diary closed.

I will now spend the evening penning-in my upcoming appointments with a “Powertank 0.7” Mitsubishi pressurised ball-point pen recently purchased from Kinokuniya, Sydney. (Link to shop.) Many, many thanks to Lucy. It seems I will have absolutely no need to post ideas for Christmas presents as was necessary last year.


Oh! So beautiful. Japansese stationery.

November 14, 2009

Only $114 dollars for half a dozen. D-Bros apple and pear note paper.
Not so different in price from some of the gourmet fruits in Japan.



July 7, 2009

A couple of friends were around last night and we started discussing likes and dislikes in regards to diaries.  (“day-to-a-page” versus “week- to-a-double page” and so on.)  There was a general consensus on the importance of the diary “ribbon”, which enables the user to immediately open their diary in the correct position. JJ*’s ribbon was frayed, thusly diminishing his immediate enjoyment of correct time placement. “I need a bauble or dangly item to attach to the end of my ribbon to prevent it from further deterioration,” he lamented.

It was here that the concept of “beading” was conceived. Colourful plastic beads are knotted in to the diary ribbon. Taken a step further, a new ribbon is introduced- preferably made from remnants of mother’s 80’s stringy t-shirt. Fun was had by all involved and further diary decoration techniques were explored in an intoxicating “craft-off.”

I have to ask myself though- are we slowly approaching the dangerous territory of scrapbooking? If so, I daresay readers of SNIPPETS will be waiting in anticipation for the next related blog entry.

*real name removed for privacy reasons

Bead 2Bead overallBig Bead