Toys toys toys.

December 3, 2009

I just can’t get enough of the V&A Museum of Childhood’s website at the moment. The video clips in the moving toys section are delightful.


V&A Children’s Museum Review

June 6, 2007

The V&A Children’s Museum is more than just a space for children to play. It has an amazing toy collection which occupies much of the space- much to the delight of visiting parents. I especially enjoyed looking at the 1970’s toys. I discovered that Mary Quant designed a doll named Daisey which was available in the UK around 1977. My favourite overall toy was an English butcher set. The whole thing was carved out of wood: the butcher, the shop and the hanging meat carcasses. What more could you hope for in a toy!

My other favourite toy museums:

Japan Toys Museum in Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.  (Currently no discoverable website, but there is a good description on QuirkyJapan.) Highlights  include a historical collection of electronic games including a seldom seen Nintendo Game ‘n Watch called “Vermin”.  The extent of the gameplay includes whacking rats on the head with a stick.

Japan Toy Museum in Himeji. Highlights include a comprehensive international toy collection from many eras, as well as extensive collection of Japanese traditional toys.

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Random notes to self about toys…Penguin Fridge, Barbie Fridge, Wooden Building Blocks, Aardvarks on stick, Space Hopper 1970’s, Strawberry Shortcake by Palitoy, Schmuck aus Silberdraht (drakt?) 70-80 German Jewellery making set, Play+ arredi per l’infanzia, Toy Butcher and all meat cuts in wood 1800’s, Egg- Soft and hard moulded Plastic, Carving Wood, Material, The History of Toys: From Spinning Tops to Robots by Deborah Jaffe