Book Review: “The Preacher” by Camilla Läckberg

February 2, 2010

It’s not difficult to tell trash from treasure in the sea of Scandinavian crime fiction. The Preacher by Camilla Läckberg falls into into the trashier group, but that doesn’t mean it was a boring book. I was turning pages quickly and was oblivious to how the story would unfold near the end. Slightly gratuitous in descriptions of violence in parts, the writing is sometimes clumsy so I wasn’t surprised to read that the author was once an economist who took a course in creative crime writing. Great inspiration to those who think about totally changing their career though – Lackberg has written four Swedish No.1 bestsellers.

If you are looking for real trash reading, (akin to hundreds of pages of New Weekly magazine neatly printed in a book) then go for Michael Jackson: The Magic & the Madness an unauthorised biography written by J. Randy Taraborrelli in 2004. Or the epic Brando: The Biography by Peter Manso. Totally worth the one thousand pages to read about Marlon’s semi-tamed pet racoon that outgrew the house it was sharing with the actor.

Camilla Läckberg