The plot thickens – woman riding goat is actually a man

December 1, 2012

The Snippets European Cultural & Historical Correspondent, Julia, has responded to the last post with some fascinating information about the goat-rider: “This is a traditional 17th century topos. It’s not a woman. This is (a copy of ) a famous Meissen Porcelain figurine called “Schneider auf Ziegenbock” (Taylor on goat). It’s a rococo figure.  As you can see the goat is carrying the iron! They are still producing it in the Porzellan Manufaktur in Meissen near Dresden, Germany (unfortunately not so cheap.)”
I did notice that the poor goat was carrying the iron. Thanks Julia- here I was thinking it was just a weird Australian trinket that someone thought was appropriate to display in the foyer of a city hotel.


Cooking up unicorns

April 3, 2012

A rare, medieval cookbook was discovered on April 1st with some extra tasty recipes. Refer link.

The illustrations are just divine. Thank you British Library for your continuing dedication to all things delicious and mythical.

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August 4, 2011

From: Snoutling
To: Dr. B. S. Spam
Sent: Sun, 10 July, 2011 10:47:07 PM
Subject: Pigs

Dear Mr. Spam,
Whilst browsing the internet I came across some very important information about pigs:

I thought this may be of interest to you.

I followed a few links and viewed many different breeds of swine. I also started researching the requirements of owning a mini pig as a pet. Apparently pigs are very intelligent and can be trained to sit and twirl around. They like to forage and dig for food with their snouts.

I hope that this email expands your knowledge in a topic which is dear to my heart and that we can discuss pigs in person sometime soon.
Kind regards,

From: Dr. B. S. Spam
To: Snoutling
Sent: Tues, 12 July, 2011 7:30:55 PM
Subject: Pigs

Deerest Snoutling,

Thank you for your recent electronic correspondence. it was of grate interest to me!!!
a twirling pig?!? amazing!!!
My knowledge of this topic has doubled, as I now know that a group of pigs can be called  A DRIFT, A TEAM or A HERD, and that a group of wild pigs can be called A SOUNDER or A PASSEL. Also, a litter of piglets can be called A FARROW.
If a pig and a horse were to mate, their offspring would be called A PORSE or A HIG.
Perhaps we can eat a salty smokey sounder soon!!!

Kindest regards from Dr. Bazzatronling Schiermonnikoog Spam.

McD****ds phone call

October 26, 2009

I got a phone call from the said “restaurant’s” manager- the store which served me wilted brown lettuce. There was a bit of confusion as I’d forgotten I’d given a fake name to the complaint, but I eventually got to the bottom of the story. Apparently, they had just run out of the gourmet lettuce and someone “was getting some more.” (On a Sunday at 6pm?) The staff were supposed to have told me about the lettuce status before I made my purchase, but somehow neglected to pass on this information. I was offered a free “meal” which I happily accepted and immediately felt sick at the thought of ever eating. Probably because the bun will look like this:


Thanks to MelChil for the haunting image. Read the original complaint here.

Response from McD****ds on disappointing quality

October 12, 2009

Quality Visit Comment: I have just tried a “Grand Angus” product. I considered it to be as tasty as any McD****ds hamburger can be,
however I have a few concerns and queries. Firstly, the “Grand Angus” is advertised on the McD****ds website as containing “gourmet baby salad leaves.” Images on the website and top of product packaging show it to include such green delights as rocket, baby spinach leaves and green oak lettuce. The image on the side of the product packaging shows the ingredients to include baby spinach leaves. You can imagine my disappointment to find that my “Grand Angus” had only a serving of wilted brown iceberg lettuce enclosed. I consider this false advertising. Do you, dear McD****ds?

The product should be served with Premium Salad – which consists of Iceberg Lettuce, Mixed Green Baby Leaves (Rocket, Tatsoi, Green Coral, Green Multileaf);. If you only received iceberg lettuce, we do apologise but the this would be a store based issue and can be raised at store level.

Secondly, I was wondering exactly what is being verified by the the Certified Australian Angus Beef Pty Ltd? Is it verifying that the meat comes from a registered Angus cow? Could you please also verify which part of the cow the McD****ds “Grand Angus” is made from?

CAAB is an independent board that certifies that any claim made for Angus beef is genuine. We use the hind and forequarter for production of our patties.

We hope this helps with your inquiry.

McD****d’s Customer Service
Quality Assurance